Wedding Gown Preservation

The average cost of dry cleaning a luxury wedding starts at $545.

However, you can have your gown cleaned and preserved along with up to three accessories for $399.00 at Haute & Co.TM Bridal!

Why should you have your wedding gown cleaned and preserved with the Wedding Gown Preservation Company?

  • Unseen & seen stains settle in the fabric over time. Regardless of future plans for the dress, it should be cleaned so it is not ruined.
  • The Wedding Gown Preservation Company is the leader in wedding gown care; specializing in all delicate fabrics and bridal embellishments; they clean and preserve only wedding gowns. The process is 100% organic environmentally friendly cleaning.
  • They provide a 100-year guarantee against yellowing.
  • Brides can do a bridal inspection of her gown – gloves are included with her gown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the process?

The process takes between four and 10 weeks. However, during the height of the busy season, the preservation process may take slightly longer. Repairs or additional services requested may also extend the process time.

Do I pick up my gown at Haute & Co.TM Bridal?

The Wedding Gown Preservation Company will shape the gown, position it on a full bust form and fill the sleeves (if applicable). It is then fitted carefully into an acid-neutral preservation chest with an acid-free display window. The preservation chest is then enclosed in a 700 lb. test-shipping carton and shipped directly to you.

What stains are removed with the process?

They are able to remove at least 95% of all stains. Those such as tar, blood, grass, mud, grease and food are the most common, and of course, any sugar stains such as cake icing, wine or other types of beverages.

If I need to open up the preservation chest at any time in the future, will that jeopardize or void the guarantee?

Your guarantee will not be voided. However, you should take care to reseal the chest with the resealing materials provided. They will also include gloves with which to handle the gown. If your gown is handled excessively or soiled, it should be cleaned and preserved again.